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Because of you!

Because of you, we can make these trips possible for our DIPG Warriors! 

Your donations, connections and generosity give these children and their families the greatest gift in the midst of an unfathomable battle. Not only do we make dreams come true for our kids battling cancer, we include their entire family on our trips so they can rest, relax, spend time outside of treatment and create memories.

Learn more about our current warriors and see the latest trips!


Mighty May

This is Maylin who has been recently diagnosed with DIPG. She is currently in the middle of treatment and travel this time of year is very expensive, thank you for considering donating to help her family through this very difficult period.


Our namesake and first warrior, Mary is still fighting DIPG and has surpassed her two year mark since diagnosis!

Click below to see photos of her trips.

2022-10-22 - Magic Kingdom Park - Town Square Theater_13.jpeg
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