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Because of you!

Because of you, we can make these trips possible for our DIPG Warriors! 

Your donations, connections and generosity give these children and their families the greatest gift in the midst of an unfathomable battle. Not only do we make dreams come true for our kids battling cancer, we include their entire family on our trips so they can rest, relax, spend time outside of treatment and create memories.

Learn more about our current warriors and see the latest trips and ways your donations were able to help them!

2023 Possibilities

Last year alone, your donations have enabled us to: 


  •  Purchase a therapeutic trike, which is essentially a wheelchair but helps keep the child's muscles active and healthy


  • Assist Gavin with his trips and adventures 


  • Send Skylar on an adventure to visit her family


  • Accept a new warrior to our program named Marguerite as she beings her battle with DIPG


Fighting to End Childhood Brain Cancer



Seana Isaac, a beautiful 23 year old PA student, has recently been diagnosed with DIPG brain cancer.


She is currently on medical leave from college as she begins the battle against DIPG.  She has completed radiation, and she has also been battling a

multitude of viruses!!

Donate to her here.


Marguerite was diagnosed with DIPG in October of 2022 and after two years she lost her battle.  


She was super smart and creative, could beat anyone at a game of memory and was a pretty good card player too!! She loved Disney princesses and Pixar movies. 

Donate to Marguerite's memory here.



Gavin is an amazing warrior who has had 51 rounds of CarT Cells at Seattle Children's Hospital!


Gavin lives in the Seattle area and Mary's Magical Moment was able to donate to his Disneyland Trip in CA and also provide a trip to see his favorite things... Monster Trucks!

Donate to Gavin's treatment here.


Maylin travels from Billings to Salt Lake City for consistent treatments. Your donations have helped with her travel expenses and we were able to gift her the Disney Trip of a lifetime!

Donate to Maylin's fight here.



20 months after her diagnosis, Skylar lost

her battle with DIPG on 11/10/23. 

We were able to help fund her travel to

visit family in October as well as some treatments and the expenses associated with them.

Donate in memory of Skylar here.


Our namesake and first warrior, Mary fought for 41 months before losing her physical battle on March 4th, 2024.  Click below to see photos of her trips.

Donate to make more trips for our warriors possible here

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